In January of 1985, LOUDNESS released their first international album “THUNDER IN THE EAST,” which peaked at No. 4 in Japanese chart. LOUDNESS went on a U.S. tour with this album in April.
The album ranked 74th in the U.S. Billboard chart in May, which was a historical incident as a Japanese band, and they stayed in the chart for 19 weeks since March 2.
From August of that year, LOUDNESS went on a U.S. tour with Mötley Crüe. On August 14, LOUDNESS became the first Japanese band that performed on the stage of Madison Square Garden. Producer Max Norman joined the team once again, and started recording their second album from Atlantic Records.

In August of 1987, LOUDNESS released the album “HURRICANE EYES” produced by a well-known producer Edwin Kramer. LOUDNESS used to write in English all the time after release of “THUNDER IN THE EAST,” but the Japanese version of “HURRICANE EYES” was also released for their Japanese fans. In May of 1988, LOUDNESS also released a mini album “JEALOUSY” for them. Now when LOUDNESS became an international band, they hadn’t forgotten the importance of their Japanese fans.

However, the front man Niihara left the band in December of 1988. The news shocked people all over the world.

In September of 1989, Takasaki noticed no one could sing better than Niihara after many auditions. LOUDNESS recruited Mike Vescera, a former member of Obsession, and released “SOLDIER OF FORTUNE” in September of 1989.
In February 1991, “ON THE PROWL” containing some self-covered songs was released, however, due to the cultural difference, Mike left the band after “SLAP IN THE FACE” in October 1991. The second era of LOUDNESS has ended when Bassist Masayoshi Yamashita quitted the band in 1992.

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