It was announced that LOUDNESS recruited the former EZO vocalist Masaki Yamada. Taiji Sawada from X also became the bassist of LOUDNESS, and the music created by this lineup was heavier than the previous albums produced in the U.S., and it marked the beginning of a new phase in LOUDNESS.
The album released in June 1992 “LOUDNESS” was recorded second in Oricon ranking. Because Taiji Sawada became a member of LOUDNESS, the band was recognized more by younger generations who didn’t know about LOUDNESS.
The third phase of LOUDNESS toured through January 1993, however, because of many problems and conflicts within the band, Higuchi, as well as Sawada were announced to depart the band. LOUDNESS was again on the verge of falling apart.

In 1994, Takasaki convinced Yamada to stay in the band, and those two started the fourth phase of LOUDNESS. Former drummer of EZO Hirotsugu Homma was recruited, and the recording of “HEAVY METAL HIPPIES” has begun. Takasaki recorded its bass lines. It was announced LOUDNESS recruited Naoto Shibata, former member of Anthem, from the concert in Club Citta. The lineup for the new phase LOUDNESS was completed.

In April 1995, LOUDNESS toured with this roaster. The live album “LOUD ‘N’ RAW” credited all the names of the fans who came to the show. The concert in Hong Kong was also successful.

In February 1997, LOUDNESS recorded the new album in San Francisco, and released “GHETTO MACHINE” in July. Furthermore, the band performed in Hong Kong again for their Asian fans.

In August 1998, LOUDNESS released the album “DRAGON” recorded again in San Francisco, and started a tour in Japan “LOUDNESS CLUB GIG ’98 DRAGON” from September.

In May 1999, “RISING DRAGON EURO TOUR ‘99” has started and LOUDNESS went to England, Netherland, Belgium, and Germany. In Netherland, the band performed on the main stage of the largest heavy metal festival in Europe “DYNAMO OPEN AIR ’99.”

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